What is Auto-Insure? - and how do I get my 5% discount?

Auto-Insure is a function that ShipSaver provides which (when turned on) will automatically insure your shipments for you when they get marked as shipped by the channel (eBay, Etsy, Etc.).  It will only auto insure items per the rules that are set in your Auto-Insure preferences. A few notes below:


1. Auto-Insure will automatically insure without you even logging in - so please make sure that you want your items automatically insured (per your rules)! You will be charged for the items which are auto-insured.

2. Auto-Insure is not perfect - There are some things which can cause it to fail - It's always a good idea to check your items to make sure that it didn't miss any items that you wanted insured. If the Auto-Insure happens to miss one that you wanted, you will not be covered.

3. Combined Items - Auto Insure will try to automatically combine items for you which are combined via the channel that the transaction came from. This is not a perfect system but it does catch 95% and combines them correctly. The items which are not combined but still meet your Auto-Insure requirements will be insured separately. It's always good to check your items once/day to make sure they are correct.

4. USD Only - ShipSaver does not provide currency conversion services. To help you adjust your Total Declared Value and reflect the correct price for sales in currencies other than USD, Auto Insurance will not be applied for shipments in currencies other than USD. You will have to insure these shipments from the Shipments page.

How does the 5% Savings work?

This is the simple part. Your savings are automatically done for you for each item that is Auto-Insured. There is nothing that you need to do.

Auto-Insure Preferences

1. Default Shipping Method - The default shipping method is used when an item doesn't have a specified shipping that is sent to us via the channel. Sometimes channels (like eBay) do not send a shipping method along with the transaction. In these cases we set your default shipping method. Shipping methods are important but we do work with customers that have an incorrect shipping method when there is a claim (especially if auto-insured). 

We hope you enjoy using the Auto-Insure feature and we hope that it saves you time. And of course, we know you will enjoy the 5% savings!


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    Mark \ Audrey Stewart

    I have tried several times to get the aut matic shipping started, but it never takes. Every day I have to log on to see if it worked and then manually insure my items. Ship Saver needs specific directions on how to set this up here in the tutorial section rather than just explaining the program.

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    Jill Dolan

    I can't sign up for auto insure either.

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