Managing Marketplaces & Sales Channels

ShipSaver can automatically import your transactions so you can purchase labels and/or purchase shipping insurance. 

The following correspond to the numbers in the image below:

  1. Click to Add your account. You will be taken to a screen provided by the marketplace where you can grant us access to import your orders. This access is called a token.
  2. Click the Re-Sync button to force the system to import the latest information from your channel account. We automatically import your data 4 times per day but if you are missing an order, this will import it immediately.
  3. Click the Renew button to renew your channel token. Some channels, such as eBay, require you to renew your token periodically. 
  4. Click the Delete button to remove the channel account.
  5. Last Sync - This is the last time we successfully imported your information from the channel. 
  6. Expires - This is when your channel token is set to expire. You need to Renew before this date in order for us to continue importing orders from this channel.
  7. Sync State - This shows the current sync status for the channel account. When you click the Re-Sync button it will go to Pending, which means it is waiting in the queue for us to process your sync request. It will then change to Running, which means we are in the process of importing your data. Once we have successfully imported your data it will change to Ready. If there are any issues it will be set to Failed.
  8. If the Enabled box is checked we will import your data from the channel account. If it is unchecked we will not. 



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